SenseiNode - Avalanche Stake Protocol
Delegate your assets to SenseiNode Avalanche validators nodes and earn yield by participating and securing the network.

Minimum requirements:

You need a minimum of 25 AVAX to stake. Staking period minimum 2 weeks, maximum 1 year.

First Steps

  • Open your Avalanche wallet.
Don't have one? Get the Official AVAX Wallet here:
[https://wallet.avax.network/] and follow the steps inside "create new wallet" button.

Transfer to P-Chain

Send your 25 AVAX to your address (which can be found next to the QR) if you don't already have them. You have to transfer the amount you want to stake to the P-Chain in order to continue.
  • Click "Earn" on the right sidebar and then click the "Transfer" button.
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  • Enter the amount you want to stake plus 0.001 AVAX, that is the fee that will cost you to do this transfer. Click again in "TRANSFER" to confirm.

Delegate to SenseiNode AVAX validator

Now you're ready to stake by delegating your funds to our Node ID or Validator Address
  • Return to the 'EARN' page and then click on 'Add Delegator'.
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There will be a list of validators ordered by the total amount staked.
  • Insert NodeID-F3SZA2ZNdRjTBe3GYyRQFDaCXB3DyaZQQ in the "Search Node ID" field and press the "Select" button.
You'll get to the delegate page.
  • You can choose the Staking Period to configurethe lock of your funds for a settled time. (Remember: you cannot stake longer than what's described on our validator's 'End Time')
  • Enter the amount that you want to delegate in the Stake Amount section and specify the 'Reward Address' if you don't want to receive rewards on the same address from which you're staking.
  • Press 'CONFIRM' and then 'SUBMIT' to confirm the delegation.
  • Wait until the transaction is confirmed.
You are now staking AVAX!