StakeWise DAO

Learn more about our vision for community-led governance

Community-first approach

The sole purpose of StakeWise's existence is to make staking as seamless and profitable as possible.
Community feedback and adoption matter a lot for achieving this goal, and therefore StakeWise aims to create a cohesive community of stakers by putting the governance of the protocol in their hands.
Role of the DAO
The DAO's job will be to govern the important system parameters like:
fees paid by stakers,
commissions paid to node operators,
onboarding and offboarding of oracles and node operators,
principles of liquidity mining campaigns,
whitelisting of gauge contracts,
Insurance Fund payout triggers,
approval of contract changes for the introduction of new features, and more.
When choosing these parameters, the community will need to optimize for both its immediate interests as stakers and the long-term success of the protocol through a correct choice of parameters.
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Alignment of interests of the platform and its participants shall happen through an allocation of 51% of the governance token supply to the community and the existence of basic mechanisms that allow gaining voting power by simply staking with StakeWise. Other token holders will be investors and the development team behind StakeWise.
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $SWISE
Vesting & allocation:
Community: 510,000,000 $SWISE, 4-year vesting
Investors: 251,500,000 $SWISE, 6-month cliff + 18-month linear vesting
Team: 217,000,000 $SWISE, 6-month cliff + 42-month linear vesting
Future fundraise: 21,500,000 $SWISE, available immediately
The starting date for the emission is April 1st, 2021.
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