DAO Treasury (0x144a98cb1CdBb23610501fE6108858D9B7D24934) is a Gnosis Safe with a committee of 7 persons and a DAO Module that allows the submission of transactions on behalf of the governance token holders.
The goal of the DAO committee is to monitor and reject the transactions that are not supposed to be executed on behalf of the DAO Treasury, since such malicious transactions can be submitted by an arbitrary account. In order to reject the transaction, a threshold of 4 out of 7 committee members must sign the rejection.
As the $SWISE tokens become more distributed with time, the community will be able to fulfill the committee responsibilities by placing $SWISE bonds on whether the transaction should be executed or not. As a result, the committee could be dissolved in the future.

Current Committee Members (Multisig):

Ali Nuraldin (0x7E36F1fF26cffD6906c11Cd7Eca5f6E993Ba6CE3)
Andreas Dittrich (0xc0c9707B552C6970f66Ab91D563Bf9b6048E9da6)
Auryn Macmillan (0x9Aa6Db877742aD8D8c7fE209F561fbd2bE19D5F4)
Dmitri Tsumak (0x61B01a33Aea3e827B3941Ab097778bd3FA48a332)
Gleb Dudka (0xC46e791d4fB1207fAB8Cb0e44889127138539c69)
Mikko Ohtamaa (0x9cC9c3de8e710781983a65b90B7efEaaD2D3D7D8)
Otto de Voogd (0x1C86117156Ba31b5d62f02eB56bE9aC5a06610d3)

Former Committee Members (rotated after the DAO vote):

Anthony Sassano (0x648aA14e4424e0825A5cE739C8C68610e143FB79)
Jascha Samadi (0x152E9Af50257Fc12a84Bb47241cc0bd01ECD2ac1)
Miko Matsumura (0xA2E49855d672C3258A8442FA15F9Bc28f5A55980)