Testnet V2 | SSV Network

Testnet V1 (Primus) is over! It’s time to take SSV testing to the next level!

Following the completion of the first version of the ssv.network testnet, V2 is coming soon and features upgrades that will enhance and scale the network. V2 testnet will introduce new features and will require a few steps to implement on your operator or validator instance (read more below):
1st hard fork
Closed testing phase

New Features

Liquidations: Accounts are liquidated when a validator's operational balance runs out/falls below a specific threshold, which will result in the accounts' validators becoming inactive. Read more about liquidations
Liquidators: To ensure operators are always compensated for their services, the ssv.network requires additional actors, known as “liquidators” to work behind the scenes to keep the network solvent by flagging users that have insufficient funds in their account balance to cover their operator expenses for a given period.
Fees: Operator fees and network fees (paid to the DAO for using the SSV protocol), are the lifeblood of ssv.network and allow operators to manage and run validators on behalf of stakers. Operators will now be able to set their fee, manage their validators, and check their account using a hub called “My Accounts.”
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